Our Services

We have trained engineers and designers capable of using various engineering software packages to fulfil client requirements while maintaining engineering best practices. Our engineers and managers have distinct experience across the entire engineering and project operations management spectrum, which gives us a clear advantage in providing technological and innovative solutions to suit our clients ’needs. We strive to pro-actively develop our capability to add more value to our clients ‘projects.
  • Material procurement. 
  •  Pipeline Fabrication/ Construction services.
  •  Installation and Upgrade of Onshore & Offshore facilities.
  •  Electrical Engineering Solutions.
  •  Provision of HSE & QA/QC services.
  • Commissioning and project management services 


Petrok can undertake EPCI project. We have the Relevant Permits and Licenses to operate and we have proven in house expertise to deliver both simple and complex projects.

Corrosion Prevention and Control services

CathodicProtection Design,Testing & Installation

Coating & Insulation activities.

Non-Destructive Testing

Fitness for Service(FFS) Life Extension

Corrosion Management Strategy(CMS) Pipeline


Petrok is OGTAN registered and can provide the following training

Subsea Training
Client Representative Training
Pipeline Leak Repair Training
HSE Training
Corrosion, Coating and Cathodic Protection Training
Inspection & NDT Training

Petrok offers a dedicated “One Stop Shop” for your entire recruitment process. We manage Executive Search, RPO, Management, as well as Graduate recruitment. As part of your HR facility, we tie in your business working practices and employment culture to deliver value to you.
Our vast network of technical partners and manufactures around the globe makes us capable of supplying our clients with the most comprehensive choice of equipment for their operations.
Our integrated operations and maintenance (O&M) services improve plant efficiency, productivity, and safety while reducing costs. We provide the resources, materials and equipment for all project stages, from feasibility studies to engineering to facility operations.

Typical activities associated with Petrok’s maintenance capabilites are listed, but not limited to:

  1. Facilities Management Services
  2. Pipeline and Tank Jurisdictional Analysis
  3. Integrity and Risk Management Programs
  4. Plant Operations and Maintenance Services and Programs
  5. Turnaround Planning and Management
  6. Water and Wastewater Management
  7. Operator Training
  8. Establish Preventive Maintenance Programs
  9. Third-Party Product Transportation 
  10. PSM Guideline Development 

Our Resources

At Petrok, we possess a wide range of valuable resources that empower and support project support services across various industries. 
These resources are strategically developed and harnessed to ensure the successful execution of projects and the achievement of our clients' goals
our comprehensive resources empower us to provide exceptional project support services across industries. Through our expert team, industry knowledge, robust project management tools, extensive network, data management systems, quality assurance practices, and commitment to continuous learning, we ensure the successful execution of projects and the achievement of our clients' objectives

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