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FPSO Interface Leader - LOS {Click to Expand}

Type: Contract

Service location: Lagos, Nigeria

Service status: Resident

Date posted: 1st October 2014

Expiry date: 16th October 2014

Job reference: POGS-FPSO-IL-001


  • In general, manage the interfaces internal and external to the FPSO package. In conjunction with FPSO Internal Interfaces Engineer and other FPSO team Leaders, lead the FPSO interfaces management efforts to ensure that the team meets its obligations at all project boundary conditions.
  • Establish effective communication platform and promote discussions/ dialogue among project team members in Lagos, Korea and Melbourne on one part and among all the effective FPSO project worksites globally to ensure prompt sharing of vital project information and regular updating on major developments.
  • Coordinate the interfaces and ensure an effective flow of information at the boundary of the FPSO package, internal to the Company project team organization (i.e. SPS, UFR, OLT packages and ICSS and LLIs contracts)
  • Manage the interfaces and ensure an effective flow of information at the boundary of the FPSO package, dealing with entities external to the Company project team organization (i.e. contractors and vendors, classification society and certification bodies).
  • As much as possible, promote a ‘no change’ policy at interfaces in order to preserve CFT, contractual FPSO scope of work and Project Schedule.
  • In case of unavoidable changes ensure that complete resolution of such changes is managed across FPSO package and monitoring necessary updates in interfacing packages.
  • Propose mitigation means / solutions for interface issues resolution in coordination with Interface Leaders, Engineering Managers and Package Managers.
  • Promote and stimulate effective communication among the parties involved. Organize regular feedbacks, reporting and updates about key FPSO interfaces matters to all FPSO team leaders.
  • Assure technical cooperation in the team and with contractors in order to minimize technical and economical risks due to interfaces, liaising with all packages interface leaders and as need be with Engineering managers in order to assure the alignment and consistency of technical interfaces
  • Managing interface meetings, as necessary, with the different contractors in order to agree interfaces qualification / clarification addressing all qualification to reduce technical and economical risks, negotiating the best resolution of interface discrepancy
  • Keep abreast of other projects feedback, experience, know-how implementing best practices where applicable and relevant to the project phase
  • Promote effective interface management through the introduction of new tools (as necessary) to assure technical interfaces integrity and traceability of agreements/changes.
  • Develop any required register and / or ensure adequate use of interface managing tools such as eRoom.
  • Ensure that interfaces are executed and completed in accordance with project objectives, ensure that interfaces are formally closed and approved by all parties before the design is frozen. Monitor, update and record revision and status of interfaces, assuring interface status reports (including progress status, identification of any areas of concern and main highlights)
  • Be responsible and work with the rest of FPSO team to ensure overall technical integrity of all agreed FPSO interface actions/ deliverables.
  • Manage and coordinate the data flow across the mentioned project package/contractor interfaces to ensure coherence with design basis and data set, overall design consistency and integrity, compliance with the project schedule.

  • Graduated with a MSc in engineering that relates to industry at large and preferably to Petroleum industry activities (such as Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering) with a sound oil & gas multi-discipline technical background in deep offshore production facilities engineering & construction, complemented by general knowledge/experience concerning the integration of subsea system surface equipment (risers, umbilicals, subsea control systems, hydraulic systems, etc) with the surface production facilities. A good understanding of overall
    and detail planning management is essential.
  • Professional Experience (number of years): 5 to 10 years of relevant engineering experience in Oil and Gas Production Projects, with some participation in FPSO project

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FPSO Floating Unit Intergrity Lead Engineer (Click to Expand)

Type: Contract

Service location: Lagos, Nigeria

Service status: Resident

Date posted: 1st October 2014

Expiry date: 27th October 2014

Job reference: POGS-FPSO-FUILE-001


  • The job holder shall within the frame work of an integrated Project team during Construction, preparation and start-up phase be responsible to:
    - Check that the design, construction, installation and commissioning are compliant with the FU integrity management system (FUIMS).
    - Follow up and monitor the Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) of the FPSO hull construction with a particular focus on steel quality and fabrication (welding) procedures and tests.
    - Participate in the development of the FU Integrity Strategy
    - Assist the project discipline managers in implementing the defined FU integrity management strategy
    - Ensure that all elements necessary for the implementation of the FUIMS are delivered as part of the Project and ready for use at start-up stage.
    - Participate to the preparation and technical review of the Hull Inspection Plan for the first Class Term (0-5 yrs) and ensure it is adequate and ready for use before start up.
    - Advise Field Operations Management and Discipline managers on major FU integrity issues.
    - Prepare for the formal hand-over of EGINA FPSO regarding national and international ship
    registration certificates, classification, punch lists and action plans for FUIMS items.
    - Maintain documentations pertaining to the Floating Units Integrity Management System
    - Act as Field Operations liaison with Classification Society during construction phase
    - Participate to the testing/certification of equipment under CLASS and review punch list items
    - Follow the commissioning activities of all Floating Unit monitoring/Classed items
    - Attend PTR as required during design/construction regarding topics affecting floating unit integrity
    - Verify the Technical records of all Class items and ensure that they are recorded in the Plant asset registers, uploaded in CMIMS with the relevant inspection plan
    - Follow up the documentation and registration of the FPSO Classed Items in VERISTAR
    - Follow up the post installation survey for mooring systems, Subsea Systems etc and properly record their post-installation status
    The FUILE is responsible for maintaining the FPSO Classification and Certifications. He is the technical contact with the Classification Society and to this aim shall:
    - Maintain FPSO Classification files onshore (copy of certificates, survey report, records, class status, …)
    - Maintain the documentation pertaining to the Floating Units Integrity Management System (FUIMS)
    - Monitor the status and ensure timely renewal of all statutory ship certificates
    - Follow up Class remarks and implement in the computerized management system (CMIMS) with survey result, non-conformities, test reports etc as relevant
    - Provide the Classification Society with all requested documentation.
    - Follow-up the Class Status and accordingly request/schedule required Class surveys
    - Analyze the FU monitoring data analysis and establishes and updates KPI for the FU.
    - Reassess inspection periodicity in CMIMS according to Class recommendations
    - Determine whether any modification or repair will affect a classed system/equipment and ensure that the Class requirements are adhered (plan approval, equipment certification, etc.)
    - Define procedures to be followed in case of intervention which may affect the classification of the FPSO.
    - Monitor and report on the status of the FU integrity and the status of the FUIMS.
    - Closely Liaise with the key personnel (MOM, Hull Chief Engineer, MTMC, HSE etc) for the coordination and implementation of the Floating Unit Integrity Management Strategy
    - Be the focal point for technical discussions and reporting with the Head Office FU integrity Surveillance Team (FUIST) and seek their input for resolution of any major FU integrity issues.
    - Centralize and follow up FUIST recommendations, REX and information from other affiliates relevant to FU Integrity for implementation as relevant.
    - Prepare the Yearly FU Integrity Report and organize the Yearly FU Integrity Assessment.
    - Establish and follow-up the Hull inspection plan including a detailed inventory of all measuring points to be implemented: These shall be based on TOTAL Referential, Classification rules and regulatory
    requirements (where applicable), taking into consideration the operation, age, installation history, baseline inspection results etc. Particular attention should be paid to inspections to be performed by
    regulatory authorities or third parties with regards to Emergency Response Service (ERS) and emergency preparedness.
    - The FUILE shall ensure that the documentation, procedures, drawings and communication channels with class society are readily available in case of an emergency affecting FPSO stability and shall ensure that the ERS contract with the Classification society is maintained and tested in line with
    TOTAL referential.

  • Education: Degree in Mechanical, Marine or Materials Engineering with emphasis in mechanics, materials, metallurgy and corrosion.
    Professional experience: 5 to 10 years in operations, maintenance or inspection of which minimum 3 years experience in floating units (FPSO/FPU/FSO/Ships)
  • - Good Knowledge of Inspection techniques and inspection management tools
  • - Good knowledge of International & Nigerian Marine Regulations (IMO, SOLAS, NIMASA etc)
  • - Good knowledge of Classification Society’s Rules for the maintenance of CLASS.
  • - Knowledge of Oil and Gas production process
  • - Language: Fluent in English with French an advantage.

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